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             General Terms and Conditions of Business ("GTCB") Joline, private guest apartment, (Joline D. Jaquet)

                                                Dominique Jaquet, Rebenweg 4 CH - 2565 Jens (as at 26.08.2023)

1. By making a reservation, the client, hereinafter referred to as the "guest", accepts the following contractual conditions as the sole basis for the business relationship with the sole proprietorship Joline. Dominique Jaquet (hereinafter referred to as "Joline"). The provisions of the tenancy law for residential or commercial premises in accordance with the Swiss Law of Obligations do not apply to this contract.

2. Preamble Joline makes available to the Guest, against payment, flats at Hauptstrasse 34, 2560 Nidau (4.5-room, 3.5-room and studio flats) or at Rebenweg 4, 2565 Jens (2.5-room flat) on the ground floor to the east, for residential or home office purposes for a maximum period of 3 months per booking and by agreement.

3. Validity of the general terms and conditions The reservation request is a legally binding offer. Confirmation of the reservation by Joline to the Guest shall result in the conclusion of a contract between the parties, to which these General Terms and Conditions shall apply. The contract ends on the last day of the reservation, provided that the effects of these general terms and conditions apply beyond the duration of the reservation, under the responsibility of the guest.

4. Delivery/return. The keys are handed over personally at check-in, or Joline communicates the key box code to the Guest. Check-out and return of the keys must take place no later than 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure.

5. Data protection. Joline handles personal data in accordance with the applicable Swiss Data Protection Act, as well as the provisions applicable outside Switzerland for the use of the www.Joline swiss homepage, which can be consulted on the same page. These provisions form an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions. The guest agrees that any guest books made available in the flats with the personal dedications of previous guests will not infringe on data protection or his/her privacy through the possible presence of third parties on the stairs. The guest agrees that Joline may make video recordings in the vicinity but never inside the flat.

6. Condition of the flat The flat is handed over to the guest in a clean, undamaged and complete condition. Should the guest wish to have any defects noted, he/she may inform Joline in writing on the same day. If Joline finds any defects caused by the guest, it may directly require the guest to repair or replace them. Joline has sole authority to determine who is liable for any damages. Joline is entitled to charge for any damage caused to the flat, in particular in the event of inappropriate use of the apartment by the guest, and to claim damages from the guest, in particular in the event of forced cancellation of other stays and loss of turnover. If Joline discovers that someone has been smoking in the reserved flat, Joline has the right to ventilate the flat personally or have it ventilated by a private company for the required period, to clean curtains, bedding and other surfaces separately and, if necessary, to have renovation work carried out at the guest's expense. Offers and/or bookings cancelled as a result of the aforementioned cleaning and refurbishment work will be invoiced to the guest.

7. Use of the flat The guest is obliged to use the flat entrusted to him/her with care and exclusively for the purposes reserved and paid for by the number of persons, to keep it clean to a normal extent, to wash the dishes and to dispose of the rubbish in the designated place in the building. The flat must be aired twice a day for at least 10 minutes, ideally in the morning and evening. Smoking is not permitted inside the flat. Laundry must be washed and dried exclusively in a designated laundry room. The guest is aware that additional charges may apply for laundry. Guests have the option of washing once a week or at least once during their stay. When cooking, it is necessary to open the kitchen window and switch on the ventilation. Windows should be closed, especially during storms or when the guest is away, and blinds should be retracted. When leaving the flat, it must be closed, as must the main entrance to the house, if necessary. Guests are not permitted to rent the apartment out to third parties.Any other use of the flat booked by the guest is only permitted if this change of use or addition (commercial use, meeting room, etc.) and the conditions thereof have been agreed in writing between Joline and the guest. If Joline becomes aware of a blatant violation of the conditions of use, Joline may prohibit the guest from using the flat and there is no right to a refund. The guest accepts that Joline may also use and live in the flat outside the period booked by the guest.

8. Access to the flat / Cleaning The host is obliged to grant Joline access to the flat when she registers, in particular for cleaning or repair work.

9. Damage, defects, keys Any defects or damage discovered by the guest must be reported to Joline as soon as they are discovered. The Hirer is not entitled to carry out repairs himself/herself or to instruct third parties to repair or clean the property. The guest is solely responsible for the keys given to him/her and, in the event of loss, is responsible for the complete replacement of several lock cylinders and keys throughout the house in question. Joline will do its utmost to remedy any defects or damage reported within a reasonable period of time. However, Joline is not liable for any consequential damage caused to the guest as a result of a defect or damage.

10. Cancellation conditions, early departure, general information Joline's cancellation policy (from 26 August 2023) is as follows: up to 14 days prior to arrival: 100% refund of the invoice amount; up to 7 days prior to arrival: 50% refund of the invoice amount. In the event of early departure, there is no right to a refund of bookings already paid for. Saving clause: if any provision of the contract or of these general terms and conditions is invalid or becomes invalid, this will not affect the validity of the contract or of the general terms and conditions. The invalid provision will be replaced by a valid provision that comes as close as possible to the economic objective pursued by the invalid provision.

11. In the event of a dispute, Swiss law will apply. The place of jurisdiction is Berne. Terms & Conditions Joline private guest apartment © by D. Jaquet, as at 26 August 2023